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  • YOUR FAVORITE OR YOU DON’T PAY.   We promise the system we install in your home will work as proposed.  If it fails to do so and we can not correct the issue we will buy the system back from you, hassle free.  Sized right, looks right, sounds right, feels right. 

  • ENERGY SAVINGS PROMISE.  Our systems perform at peak efficiency due to the extreme craftsmanship and system verifications we perform.  With that you will save a minimum of 25%.  If you do not realize this savings in the first 12 months, we will refund the difference plus $1000.

  • TOP TECH PROMISE.   Our service and installation technicians are trained and certified to perform all work.  They are neat, clean, courteous, and always make sure your satisfaction is top priority.  All employees are vetted, background verified, safe, and drug free.  They are the elite.

  • PROPERTY PROTECTION PROMISE.  Your home will be cared for both inside and out to the highest standard.  Anything damaged will be repaired or replaced to your satisfaction, no hassle. 

  • CLEAN, FRESH, AND HEALTHY AIR PROMISE.  Our IAQ products are field tested, time tested, lab certified, and real-life application proven.  When we install our full 4-step Solaris ForeverClean system, we promise you’ll notice the difference or will refund you the entire investment plus $500.

  • 90-DAY BEST PRICE PROMISE.  Compare My Favorite Service Company to anyone else and we promise our prices are the lowest.  If not, we will refund the difference.  

  • ALWAYS COMFORTABLE PROMISE.  If your new system goes down and we don’t have you comfortable again within 24 hours, we will write you a check for $500.

  • 10-YEAR NO HASSLE PROMISE.  You get a replacement unit if a major component (the compressor, coil or heat exchanger) should fail during the coverage period.  

  • NO HASSLE PROMISE.  You don’t become everyone’s favorite by being difficult.  When we say “Our Promise Is In The Name” we live up to that.  If ever we fail to do so and do not quickly, efficiently, and hassle free correct a problem or concern, we will write you a check for $500.  

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