Reasons You Should Have an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Reasons You Should Have an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

HVAC systems help maintain the indoor air quality of your home and ensure year-round thermal comfort for all its occupants, regardless of the weather. HVAC systems work in the background to carry out a range of essential and highly complex operations that keep our modern homes livable.

Most homeowners only come to realize the vital role played by their HVAC systems when they are forced to do without them. If the air conditioning in your home has ever failed during summer or you ever had to endure one winter night without heating, you know what I am talking about.

HVAC systems are so central to the function of the home that they must be at their best performance at all times. You want to know that every time you flip the control switch on your air conditioner or heater, you are guaranteed an uninterrupted supply of warm or cool clean air.

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This is why the main factor in how well your HVAC serves you is the quality of maintenance it gets. You can buy the best HVAC equipment and still not get top-notch service if you do not have a good maintenance schedule. Conversely, good maintenance can get excellent service out of average HVAC systems.

What is the best strategy to maintain your HVAC systems? Clearly, you need the services of a competent HVAC service company, as well as a schedule for routine maintenance of the systems. But the most important part is the type of arrangement you have with the HVAC service company.

Most homeowners or businesses maintain a loose arrangement with their HVAC technician, where the technician or company is not obligated to them in any way. Their relationship with the company is limited to those times when they call on the HVAC service company to do some work on their HVAC.

But this is the reason why most owners are unable to get the most out of their HVAC equipment. To get the best use of your HVAC systems, you need to have a maintenance agreement with a competent HVAC service company. So, why is this the best way to maintain the HVAC systems in your home or office?

What Is an HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

An HVAC maintenance agreement or contract is a formal arrangement between you and the HVAC service company. It lets you reserve the services of the company for a length of time. This contract ensures your HVAC equipment is inspected on schedule within the period.

It is preferable to the standard route of occasionally calling the HVAC technician. This arrangement means the technician, rather than you, initiates the inspection. The result is that your HVAC equipment gets the required maintenance whether you remember to call the technician or not.

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Why You Need an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

1. Reminders for scheduled HVAC maintenance

With an HVAC maintenance agreement, the service company can schedule maintenance work for your heating and cooling systems and send you reminders months before the date. That way you can avoid unpleasant surprises at the peak of summer or winter when HVAC technicians are least available.

2. Detect problems early

Since your HVAC systems are maintained according to a schedule, you don’t have to wait until problems happen to take care of the system. Instead of reactively responding to issues, you will be proactive in preventing them. You will be able to detect problems at the early stages.

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3. Enhance Energy Efficiency

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will let you avoid those minor issues that compromise the performance of the system and impair the HVAC’s energy efficiency. Heat exchangers, furnace burners, AC condensers, and evaporator coils will all function smoothly when they get consistent tune-ups.

4. Get Priority Service

You will never be stuck without proper cooling in the heat of summer or adequate heating during the cold of winter. That is because when there are emergencies HVAC service companies move customers with a maintenance agreement to the head of the line.

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5. Get Discounts on Repairs

HVAC contractors will discount the cost of parts and labor if they have a service agreement with you. They can afford to do this because they know their agreement with you means they have a source of guaranteed income for the duration of the agreement.

6. Protect the Warranty on Your HVAC Equipment

Warranty repairs and replacements are the best way to fix damaged HVAC equipment. But in order to qualify for them, equipment manufacturers often require that the HVAC be maintained on a schedule by a licensed technician. A maintenance agreement helps you meet this requirement.

7. Priority Access to Essential Parts or Supplies

In the event that there is a shortage of HVAC equipment parts or supplies, you can be sure of being the first to get them when those parts or supplies become available. Scarcities can happen as a result of inclement weather and disrupted supply chains.

8. Save on Maintenance Costs

When you do business exclusively with an HVAC service company, they can afford to split profits with you by discounting their services. Lower labor and parts costs, plus, fewer breakdowns and reduced energy bills mean you save money when you have an HVAC maintenance agreement.

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Thank you to our guest contributor for this article: Michael Walters with McCaw Property Management.

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