Improving Indoor Air Quality With Comprehensive Ductwork Cleaning

air quality in your home

Nobody wants to breathe in polluted air indoors. But you may be very well doing so if you haven’t had your ductwork tested and cleaned for many years.

In the Real Trade Secrets with Jacob Mcbee episode 109, we’ll hear exactly how experts at My Favorite Service Company (MFSC) perform air duct cleaning and how much this process would cost.

Duct cleaning is very important, but you don’t necessarily have to do it all the time. It may be needed every year or after five years. The frequency of cleaning generally varies depending on many variables, like how leaky the ducts are and how good the filtration is.

The best way to know whether your ducts need cleaning or not is to have it tested.

Once the MFSC experts have verified the need for duct cleaning, they’ll use the push-pull contact method to clean the ducts.

There’s actually another option for ductwork cleaning – the negative pressure system. This is basically a giant vacuum hooked up to one central area in the duct system or the air conditioning system. It’s a good option but cannot be used in all types of ductwork.

That’s why MFSC is using the contact push-pull method. The process starts with agitating anything inside the ducts so they become easier to remove. Afterward, the techs will connect a large, very powerful two-stage motor vacuum to each individual duct. It will suck anything in the ducts, cleaning the system safely.

Watch Jacob Mcbee discuss how the contact push-pull process works in this video:

Before the duct cleaning process begins, MFSC technicians take the grill off to take pictures of your ducts. So you know what’s in there. The techs will also take photos of the ducts after cleaning. These before and after pictures help you know what you paid for.

Aside from taking pictures and stuff, the techs also lay down home protection mats and even cover walls or any items that need it before they start with the actual cleaning starts so your home doesn’t get dirty in the process.

Once the techs are done with the cleaning part, they’ll proceed to sanitize the ducts (only if you choose to have this service). The techs distribute the sanitizing, and deodorizing products through the entire duct system using a powerful air-controlled gun.

So MFSC techs can make your ducts clean and smell fresh.

MFCS is committed to serving you better, even if it means going the extra mile. So you may find the team asking if they can check your system even days after completing the job.

In terms of the cost, MFSC techs can get ten ducts cleaned for $695. You may need to pay an additional fee if you have one or two more ducts in your property. But generally, whatever you’d get quoted upfront, you sign off on it, and that’s what you get charged at the end of the job.

Aside from duct cleaning, you can also rely on MFSC for various other HVAC services, including major repairs, replacements, maintenance, and air quality.

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