Real Trade Secrets

real trade secrets podcast

Delivering Life Hacks To Save You Money & Increase The Value Of Your Home

A Show Dedicated To Helping Home Owners Stay On Top Of Their Home Maintenance

Having been in the trades for over 20 years we have seen the best and worst in the industry. Each week My Favorite Services Company will dive deep into one home-related topic and speak about it from a trade knowledge & perspective. We will cover maintenance tips for your home and trade secrets that can save you money and increase the value of your home. Keeping you in the know on trade knowledge is what we strive to do.

Meet Our Hosts

Jacob McBee

Jacob started in the trades 24 years ago working as a helper for $4.25/hour! He’s come a long way since then becoming an HVAC technician and then moving into a management and Vice President role at some of the largest home service companies in America. He’s excited to bring his wealth of knowledge to homeowners & help them ensure one of the largest purchases they make in their lifetime is protected.

jacob mcbee

Baron Wiley

Baron has worked in radio for 20 years in the greater San Antonio market! From starting out as a host in media marketing, and now President and General Manager of Boerne Radio 103.9 FM, he brings a wealth of interview knowledge to the show and is able to extract all the goods from Jacob. This dynamic duo is certain to bring the goods and deliver the trade secrets to homeowners everywhere!

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