What You Need To Know About UV and Indoor Air Quality

facts about UV and IAQ

In the previous episode of the Real Trade Secrets with Jacob Mcbee, you’ve heard about the importance of clean ductwork, and the step-by-step process MFSC follows when cleaning and sanitizing (optional) your ducts, as well as the cost of the service.

In episode 110, we’ll hear more about the sanitation part of the process, as well as sanitizing your indoor air properly, so it stays clean, fresh, healthy, and safe. You’ll also get to know time and field-tested products and materials, specifically the UV products, that My Favorite Service Company (MFSC) uses to help improve your indoor air quality.

With all the viruses and bacteria brought about by extreme temperatures and allergens blowing in Texas, constant sanitation is becoming more important than ever. But as long as you have the right products at home, keeping germs at bay these days will be a piece of cake.

However, choosing the right products can be quite a challenge, given the comprehensive options available in the market these days. Additionally, you also have to take into consideration that not all products are the same. The IAQ products used in other areas may not work very well in your place. Some products may be producing high amounts of ozone, while others may not be doing anything at all. Worse, they may even do more harm than good.

So installing whatever UV product or any indoor air quality solutions you found on the internet won’t guarantee any improvement in the quality of the air you breathe.

But at MFSC, the company does not just use whatever IAQ product is available in the market.

Yours and truly, Jacob Mcbee tells a story about working with an incredible team of smart and amazing individuals out of Vermont to design UV products that meet the requirements of South Texas – the condition, climates, etc.

What’s more impressive about this team, aside from their knowledge, is their big hearts. This company employs individuals with special needs. They provide them with something they can handle in the manufacturing plant despite their condition, like building a kit.

Let’s go back to the products.

The team designs and manufactures a multitude of products, but the best ones that the MFSC team installs to your air conditioner include filters, UV sanitizer, and bi-polar ionization.

But there’s something much better than all of those. It’s basically the combination of all the products mentioned, and it’s called the Forever Clean PCO. It’s specifically designed for Texas residential properties. The product is designed to continuously sanitize any particulates in the air that might hurt you and anyone breathing indoor air without any adverse effects.

“This product has been tested many times. We have a chart, and if anybody’s watching the YouTube video or on video, then the chart, you can look at this and see it. You can also shoot me email info at My Favorite Service Company. I’ll share this information with you.”

But before installing any product designed to kill germs or bacteria in the air and improve your indoor air quality, you have to keep your ductwork clean first. MFSC team can help get rid of anything unwanted in the ducts and leave it spotless.

If you want your indoor air to be fresher, cleaner, and healthier, you can make an appointment through the My Favorite Service Company website or contact the team at (830) 215-8388.

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