The Importance of Air Quality in Recovering from COVID

nation's story

In the latest episode of Real Trade Secrets with Jacob McBee, we will hear an incredible story of the Nation Family’s battle with COVID and how My Favorite Service Company (MFSC) has become a part of the fight against the deadly virus.

Jacob launched MFSC to give back to the community, specifically to support veterans. The company is already all about doing good things, not just business, from the very start.

And during this pandemic, the company has encountered yet another family in need – and figured out there’s something the team can do to help.

Jay, the MSFC’s Operations Leader, knows a gentleman named Brandon Nation from the same school he went to. He is a perfectly healthy 44-year old gentleman living in Texas with his wife Amy and three sons. But indeed, even the healthiest people aren’t safe from COVID. Brandon, unfortunately, caught the virus last February.

“My husband Brandon has been hospitalized and fighting for his life since February 16th.”, said Amy in a letter sent to Jacob. It was the beginning of a dreadful experience for the family.

“His first week at home sick, February 8th through the 16th, COVID had invaded his lungs, and little did we know, it was already wreaking havoc on his lung tissue, dropping his oxygenation. He was admitted and transferred to San Antonio all alone as COVID restrictions made it impossible for me to go with him.”, added by his wife.

Those who have caught and survived COVID surely understand how nasty the experience can be.

Due to COVID, Brandon had run on a roller coaster of life and death several times. He went through a lot of complications. He had a double lung transplant. And worst comes to worst, Brandon was LIFELESS for nine minutes!

Watch and listen to Jacob as he reads Amy’s letter narrating the entirety of their family’s COVID experience in this video.

Perhaps, the family’s strong faith has been of huge help. Brandon successfully fought off the virus and is now in his final recovery.

Since COVID attacks the system that allows us to breathe life – the lungs, the patients need to have clean air to breathe. MSFC figured out it’s something they have a solution for.

MSFC provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. And Brandon & Amy have an A/C at their Texas home.

That being said, the team started a project of improving the family’s air conditioning system.

The whole MFSC team made sure the A/C is in really good shape so Brandon would have clean air to breathe when he went back home.

While the team didn’t replace the entire A/C, they did several things like basic cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing the duct system. They’ve also made sure the ducts are properly sealed.

At the end of the day, the team enhances the air quality. They’re able to make it as close (or even better) to hospital-quality air.

“Our gift to them was pretty minor, but they look at it so much larger, and that reaction from them is really the gift that we get in return. They feel so happy and comfortable and excited about it – and that is just so amazing for us.”, said Jacob.

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